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InnoVelocity Inc is a leading systems integrator and management consulting firm specializing in Digital Process Automation (DPA) technologies including K2, Nintex, UIPath and Tableau. InnoVelocity has a 15+ year track record helping industry leaders in healthcare, finance, manufacturing and government achieve outstanding business results. Our nationwide team of consultants are all-round DPA experts, offering deep technical expertise and business experience throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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1 SANSOME ST Suite 3500
SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94104-4448 United States
Phone: +1 (415) 670 9640




We are offering valued K2 customers a fee-waived virtual health-check service to help you ensure your K2 solution is delivering optimal performance. The InnoVelocity team will provide you with a complete report including design or implementation recommendations, configuration settings recommendations, and on-going preventative recommendations. Click the link in the title to learn more.

Many companies that rely on InfoPath forms are struggling to manage the costs and scale involved with transitioning all their old InfoPath forms to modern platforms like K2. Nintex partners InnoVelocity and Kudzu provide an innovative software tool and methodology that can automate the most time-consuming aspect of a migration - accelerating your transition and freeing up your developers to focus on adding value. Click the link in the title to learn more.

InnoVelocity Quality Management Accelerator Templates provide a fast and easy way for you to introduce quality best practices in your organization, using the Nintex Workflow Cloud or K2 platform. These best practices can provide substantial reduction in quality issues, improvements in cycle time, qual time and cost. Built under the ISO9001 standard, the templates include workflows for managing noncomformances, customer complaints, audits and change control.







HR Lifecycle and Grants Management applications using K2 Five, process documentation and requirements analysis using Promapp




Promapp software implementation, business process audit and analysis services




“We’re proud to recognize InnoVelocity as a winner of the 2022 Nintex Partner Awards,” said Nintex CEO Eric Johnson. “Organizations across every industry and region rely on Nintex Partners, like InnoVelocity, to help accelerate digital transformation and solve process challenges with the Nintex Process Platform.”




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