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DocPoint Solutions, Inc., is an organization focused on content management solutions, M365 solutions, and its integrated suite of products. DocPoint offers innovative Intelligent Information Management (IIM) solutions tailored to meet organizations’ specific business processes and objectives. Drawing from their extensive experience and affiliation with Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI) since 2008, DocPoint possesses unique expertise in platform modernization, data migration, content management, automation, and workflows. This understanding, coupled with their early adoption of SharePoint as an IIM system, enables them to effectively analyze and meet customer requirements, facilitating improved business process improvement, information management, sharing, and collaboration across the enterprise.

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FULTON, MD 20759-2671 United States
Phone: (410) 884-9100




Our team of certified business analysis professionals meet with business stakeholders, process owners and end users to ensure an accurate gathering of information performed by a business/agency on a daily basis. This creates a start to collaborate with our customers to understand operational and organizational challenges.

Creating an effective M365 implementation requires addressing key architectural design issues, including performance optimization, compliance adherence, cost management, robust security measures, and ensuring a positive user experience. Striking a balance among these factors is crucial for maximizing the benefits of M365 and delivering a successful and efficient solution for organizations.

Organizations should consider the specific needs of their business when moving to M365. For example, organizations that need to comply with specific regulations may need to take additional steps to ensure that M365 meets their compliance requirements.

At DocPoint Solutions, project management is a key element driving our success. We assign a seasoned project manager to each engagement as part of our overall strategy of assuring customers’ business goals are understood and met. In doing so, we gain not only satisfied customers but also repeat business.

DocPoint has a deep understanding of the solution providers in the automation/RPA space and how to effectively implement them. Overall, RPA can be a powerful tool for automating business processes, but it is important to be aware of the potential issues involved before implementing an RPA solution.

M365, and partner solutions that use M365, can be used to modernize the approach an organization takes to Records Management. Integrating partner solutions to fully leverage M365 governance capabilities often requires skills that are not present in many organizations, and DocPoint can provide the experience to build an effective records modernization strategy.

A technology strategic plan is important before beginning any technology project because it helps to ensure that the project is aligned with the organization’s overall goals and objectives. It also helps to identify the resources that will be needed for the project, and to develop a timeline and budget. Additionally, a technology strategic plan can help to mitigate risks and ensure that the project is successful.

Integrating different content management repositories and intelligent information management (IIM) solutions can be a valuable way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of content management — but it’s not easy. DocPoint can help navigate some of the issues involved in integrating different content management repositories and IIM solutions.

DocPoint Solutions continuously strives to provide world-class customer support and addresses all requests from our resellers in order to then find opportunities to improve the quality of our services in turn. ShareGate is your true out-of-the-box management solution for your big migrations and your everyday Teams and SharePoint operations. A privately held company based in Montreal Quebec, ShareGate is trusted by more than 75,000 IT professionals worldwide. As a leader in its industry, ShareGate is recognized by its simple yet effective motto: “innovate and keep things simple & fun."