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In GGS IT Consulting we help our customers reach their business goals by making their company operate more digitally. We do this by helping to automate and robotize business processes, providing Consulting, Implementation and Support. We know that data is our clients’ most valuable resource, so we build systems that process it and extract business information that helps their organization grow. As a company we are a Poland based team of over 50 Consultants, Architects, and Developers doing a great job worldwide delivering workflow platforms, RPA and Business Intelligence solutions.

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  ul. Cystersow 13A/3
     Krakow, 31-553 Poland

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ul. Cystersow 13A/3
Krakow, 31-553 Poland
Phone: +48 786 930 604




No-one likes bureaucracy and an excess of documents. It's hard to believe anyone enjoys dealing with processes that make perfect sense on paper but are clearly destined to fail in a real-life business environment. But why even bother with them, when software can provide that digital push - assess, measure, and take care of all the administrative tasks for you?