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219/2, Asoke Tower 2nd Floor, Sukhumvit 21, Klongtoey Nue, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Bangkok, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Phone: +66 (2) 120 9486




This solution helps the organization to manage and monitor voice of customers in the Social Media and well-known websites. It can monitor messages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pantip, News websites, and RSS feeds. Moreover, there is text-analysis Engine to serve the sentiment analysis of those messages as Negative, Positive or Neutral Comments. Then, the case is created in the K2 Platform to support the Case Management Workflow. As a result, an organization is able to manage and track the progress of ease case which is from the various sources in the single Portal of Management.

This solution helps the organization to track the agreement (procurement) approval process. This solution is integrated with SAP to synchronize the Agreement, Purchase Request, and Purchase Order with K2. The Approval process can support Approve, Reject, Return to revise, Return for comment, Request to revise, Request to close and Request to cancel. After the approval process is finished, this solution will send the trigger for update status in SAP so the status of each Agreement, PR and PO is synchronized all the time. This solution also support the pickup feature as a check list for Purchase Department to indicate that these item are already approved. As a result, the Purchase Department can continue the process on SAP onwards.

This solution helps the organization in document management area. The solution can cover store, withdraw, return, transfer, search, verify of e-document with the hard copy. The users can store the documents and this solution will start the approval workflow. After the approval process, the system will recommend the shelf location to store the documents. After the document is kept on the shelf, other users can withdraw or transfer the documents as needed. This solution can integrate with SharePoint on-premise, SharePoint O365 or Local File Share.