K2RU has more than 8 years of success in BPM/RPA development. We create innovative applications based on K2 and Nintex software, and assist companies all around the globe in automating their business processes. We brought together a talented team of professionals, experts and consultants to digitalize your business with the best BPM/RPA technologies to change the way the decisions are made, and make the software that can move at the velocity of business.

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Prishvina str., 8,bld.2, office 404
Moscow, 127549 Russian Federation
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About K2RU

About K2RU

Introduction video about K2RU company performed by CEO Andrey Kholinov.




The company is employer to 70 000 people. Bearing in mind such scale of operation, improving the efficiency of the departments is one of the company’s most crucial tasks. The need for business automation is particularly evident if we look at the functioning of the departments and divisions. Paperwork, manual processing of information coming from telephone or e-mail service requests, lack of process transparency or understanding of the current application status for the end users were all obstacles to the effective development and improvement of the speed and quality of services provided by the Administrative Department. The company began searching for a technology which could significantly reduce the time it took to deliver requests from the customers to the employees who were charged with the duty of fulfilling the tasks, reduce costs by at least 7-10%, set new standards of quality, simplicity and ease of electronic services usage as well as raise the level of customer awareness about the execution of their requests. K2 platform was chosen to automate the processes of the Administrative Department. The platform is equipped with low-code tools for rapid development of applications, simple and clear user interfaces as well as extensive integration capabilities. This allowed in the shortest possible time to fulfill the task of creating a single electronic service catalog which brought together more than 40 different types of applications. A multi-criteria search functionality was developed, the required types of reporting were implemented while the routing of requests takes into account numerous criteria and regulates the response preparation time. All this functionality has been brought together in a new one-stop-shop information portal with a rubricator and a catalog of services.




PJSC Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation is one of systemically important credit institutions in Russia with a diversified business structure and more than 40,000 employees. The bank's management faced a number of problems related to work overload, a lack of synchronization, process transparency and feedback, which all led to an untimely completion of tasks by the HR department. On a daily basis the HR staff had to deal with many routine issues, namely, handling the incoming applications manually, tracking milestones for upcoming events, generating documents and reports and contacting HR service users directly. The HR-processes project implemented by K2RU was designed to automate these processes and free up HR departments' time for additional tasks. K2RU has successfully dealt with the tasks of designing, developing and putting into commercial operation the business processes of the PJSC Bank Otkritie HR Department within the framework HR-processes project. Such HR processes as leave planning, familiarization with job descriptions, staff schedule and time sheet management, integration with SAP and Tessa, employee dismissal, IT staff registration for bank projects as well as many other processes were fully automated.




HSE has 4 campuses located in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod and Perm. It unites more than 7000 lecturers and researchers, over 44 000 students and postgraduate students and over 80 000 alumni. The rapid rate of the university’s development, the expansion of educational programs, the increase in the number of lecturers and students and the growth of the network and computer infrastructure were all prerequisites for a fundamental transformation of the way the IT services are provided. It was also essential to bring the level of the services into line with the most advanced global standards. The lack of automation and transparency in providing the IT services as well as the lack of a due level of control, significant time-losses by specialists and line-managers on performing routine activities, incomplete reference information, fragmentation and multiplicity of the used systems significantly hampered the usage of information technologies at the university, leading to the users’ dissatisfaction. The development of an interactive self-service portal for HSE employees with K2 platform became the solution to the problems mentioned above. The project has not only changed the way of providing the IT services by bringing them to the most up-to-day level, but it has also altered the electronic services consumers’ perception. The transparency of the processes performed, the monitoring of their state in real time, easy navigation through the services catalogue and the system’s interface, the ability to have the information at your fingertips anywhere in the world from any device, notifications and reminders sent by e-mail and SMS, the ability to rate the quality of the provided services and much more have made it possible for users to appreciate the benefits of the new approach. The solution has won 'BPM Project of the Year' award in Russia in 2018.




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