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Caprivi Solutions is leading in development and deployment of a state of the art 360-degree CapEx Management software driving the automation of CapEx requests, approvals, workflows and reports. In addition Caprivi is always building upon the CapEx software to be better and more understanding of business capital requirements. At the present time, Caprivi has implemented the CapEx360™ software in enterprises around the world. Not only will the CapEx software customize to your approval path allowing for multiple workflows, it also allows for budgets to be uploaded or created right in the system. Forecasting and forecasting scenarios can be added and tracked which stops unauthorized spending.

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  2275 Upper Middle Rd East Ste 101
     Oakville, Ontario L6H 1G2 Canada

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2275 Upper Middle Rd East Ste 101
Oakville, Ontario L6H 1G2 Canada
Phone: (905)491-6814




Caprivi has been implementing K2 for over a decade consulting and deploying hundreds of workflows around the world. Using best practices and products to build the Capital Management Software, Caprivi recognized K2 being the most powerful .net based workflow tool on the market.