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Digital First is a specialist technology consultancy that offers high-value digital strategy and implementation services. We have worked with a varied range of clients across a range of industries which has included government agencies, the arts, financial services and more. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality consulting and implementation in our field, we look at projects from a strategic perspective and focus on providing long term value for our clients. To do this, we spend significant time gathering as much information as possible from our clients so we can fully understand their needs in advance of us providing our solution.

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Level 4 152 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia




An intranet is the foundation of your digital workplace and one of the most effective means to connect employees to your organisation, irrespective of where they are working from, so they can fulfil their roles to the best of their potential. Digital First Intranet readies any organisation for success with an out-of-the-box product aligned with Modern SharePoint. It also comes with a native mobile app so employees will effectively have an intranet in their pocket. The benefits of using an out-of-the-box solution surpass having ready-to-go communication and productivity tools, this product also enables rapid deployment, user adoption and integrates fully with Office 365, SharePoint and Teams. The options to entirely customise your hub enables you to develop an intranet that employees will love to use and encourages collaboration to improve company culture.

Providing access to users outside your organisation can be a challenging process. They need to be able to obtain resources relevant to their personal accounts, you want to impress them by keeping projects on track and communicating clearly with up-to-date, accurate information. The Solution? Extranet. An extranet is a controlled, private network that leverages the internet and Microsoft SharePoint for secure collaboration and information sharing among both internal team members, as well as a company’s external contacts, such as customers, suppliers, partners, and other third parties. SharePoint is globally recognised as a superior platform for company intranets, it therefore makes sense to use this powerful technology externally too. By creating a secure, online, centralized environment, invited members can easily store, share, and access the information they need anytime. Digital First Extranet provides an easy way to manage external users in O365 and invite them into your external scenarios.







The Environment Protection Authority Victoria was due to become a regulator in 2020. As a result of this change, EPA required supporting systems and processes to handle case management, records management, fees and payments, and other newly acquired activities. EPA needed a solution that enabled them to work collaboratively, share documents, and adhere to Government records management requirements. The existing systems were deemed unfit for purpose and a new implementation was commissioned to align the records management solution with the organisational changes. Digital First worked alongside Deloitte to run multiple stakeholder engagement workshops to elicit business requirements. These business requirements informed the pilot design, which was aligned to the Business Classification Scheme to remain compliant with the Public Records Office of Victoria. In addition to this, Digital First engaged with Deloitte solution architects across other initiatives at EPA to ensure that each area of work could integrate and work seamlessly with the proposed records management solution. Digital First successfully designed and implemented a pilot for select EPA business units. Using a combination of SharePoint features, the solution was integrated with SharePoint’s document management functionalities and configured with Records365. This resulted in a Public Records Office of Victoria compliant solution, without the need for users to re-upload all files to be kept as records. Further to this, Digital First developed deeper integration between Dynamics CRM 365 and SharePoint to allow for files and documents uploaded by users into Dynamics to be properly automatically classified as records.




Therapy Pro are a supplier of therapy services, primarily in the disability sector, via face to face and telehealth sessions for clients across QLD and VIC. The organisation required a new intranet that would facilitate easy access to organisation-wide and therapy documents, resources, information, news and benefits, while enhancing the ability for employees to engage with each other. Therapy Pro’s existing intranet platform used document folders and a weekly communication distributed in the form of an email newsletter. Staff feedback were frustrated by the lack of organisation to find what they needed in the documents folders. Digital First identified a digital workplace strategy and the implementation of an intranet-in-a-box SharePoint solution, Valo Digital Workplace, with information architecture, a governance framework, user training and a user adoption strategy. Digital First customized the intranet solution to incorporate Therapy Pro’s key requests which included: Enhancing and centralising internal communications Improving access to organisational information Increasing collaboration, connections and knowledge sharing across the organisation Streamlining organisational processes Improving the sense of community across Therapy Pro




Direct Collective is a suite of businesses operating in the property services sector. The organisation had recently grown across key locations in QLD and subsequently upweighted their employee numbers. They needed a means to ensure connectivity and collaboration of employees across the state, creating a gateway to all online information and helping to nurture a positive digital workplace.  Direct Collective did not have a central platform that engaged employees with the organisation and their colleagues. The sharing of relevant information was clunky and the process unclear. This led to low levels of employee collaboration and a general lack of awareness across the organisation in regard to what other business units were doing.  Digital First developed a modern digital workplace strategy that would successfully contribute to Direct Collective achieving their business goals, being mindful to ensure a people-centric approach to operations. Their requirement was to align with existing user behaviour; therefore, it was imperative that the intranet was embedded within Microsoft Teams as a branded app. Digital First built and implemented an intranet-in-a-box SharePoint solution, Valo Digital Workplace, which provided: Communication of key business information  Encouraging cross referral between businesses  Providing easy access to key staff through an online People Directory  Managing documents within one repository and easy permission management between libraries and documents  Collaboration and internal ‘chat’ for key business issues using Teams and Yammer integration  Improved productivity through the digitisation of forms




MEGT Australia were upgrading from Valo Classic to Valo Modern. For us to perform the upgrade, we were required to write a page migration script that converted the Classic SharePoint in Modern SharePoint pages. This script was run across key page libraries within the whole MEGT Intranet. In addition to the migration, we also had to configure a custom webpart using SPFX (SharePoint Framework), Handlebar UI and Microsoft Graph to display a jobs board relating to the client’s unique expectations.




BMW Australia Finance was subject to an Enforceable Undertaking by ASIC over the mis-selling of vehicle finance. We worked with them to establish a remediation programme to review over 100,000 cases to determine whether there had been any breaches in responsible lending under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act. BMW Australia Finance had in excess of 100,000 cases to review but did not have any systems in place which would accommodate the requirements of a case management system. Off the shelf systems were available but did not address NCCP concerns and were not reusable for BMW. There was a need for a solution, preferable on a platform already used by BMW. By building a customised case review solution and providing ongoing product support, Digital First enabled BMW to finalise their remediation programme, aligning to ASIC’s expectations. This was the largest remediation project pre-Royal Commission and Digital First supported the client from end-to-end. Digital First worked with BMW’s PMO and other stakeholders around the business to ensure that the key requirements and business processes were understood. This included working with the Remediation team to identify opportunities for automation and workflow that would deliver efficiencies. BMW continued to use Digital First’s implementation of a custom SharePoint case management system throughout the program and extended the system to cater for a second phase of the loan review. This system was able to provide the remediation team with the tools, customer profiles, case history and action tailored events required to ensure that all of ASIC’s standards, including customer journey, were met. As a result, BMW received a green final report and a reversal of the conditions on their credit license lifted.




Glenelg Shire Council are in the process of implementing a digital transformation program in order to modernise their workforce and bring increased value to their municipal area. One of the first initiatives in this program of work is the implementation of Office 365. Glenelg Shire Council face many challenges and required a considered approach to the roll out of Office 365. These included remote workers, siloed business units, tools and systems that were not fit for purpose and low levels of governance. Digital First were engaged to manage the implementation of Glenelg Shire Council’s Office 365 rollout. Working together with the Digital Glenelg team, Digital First conducted workshops and stakeholder interviews to identify pain points and high value areas to target first. In doing so, a roadmap was prepared that gave the organisation a more strategic approach to the wider Microsoft functionality including Dynamics 365, SharePoint (Records Management) and Teams. To accommodate for change management and to allow users to familiarise themselves with the new ways of working, Digital First recommend a pilot approach with a digital workplace for a business unit, and a wide-reaching intranet portal. This allowed the assumptions and key findings to be validated and scaled across Glenelg Shire Council.




Morellofert is an Australia-wide organisation within the agriculture sector who previously found structured engagement and information sharing with their customers challenging due to manual processes and slow response time when confirming product orders. The process to develop fertilisation plans was manual and fragmented from other business processes. Plans for customers were created and shared via Excel, with limited tracking and account management capability. There was a need to more efficiently manage customer data and track product orders. Digital First liaised with key stakeholders from Morellofert to understand the business problem that they were trying to solve. Once there was a clear objective and scope, Digital First designed and developed custom web application based on modern frameworks and robust architecture. Facilitating regular check-ins with Morellofert ensured that the business problem was always at the forefront of the solution. The solution was a web application that allowed Morellofert to create, track and share fertilisation plans with their customers. Morellofert were able to gain a wholistic view of each client and therefore able to understand the history and context for each farm and field. Customers were notified through the web application and received both a reminder text and email with a direct login link. Once logged in, they were able to see their own published nutrition plans and download as an Excel or PDF for easy mobile viewing.




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