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eVision, for more than 15 years, is helping its clients and users with business digitization. Along with providing services such as Business process analysis, Process management and automation, Document, and archive management, eVision also develops its own solutions - BoardPoint (for paperless meetings) and OfficePoint (for business digitalization). Both combining expertise in Nintex and MS SharePoint technologies.

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Baštijanova 52 a
Zagreb, 10000 Croatia
Phone: +385 (91) 515 9999




Regardless of which BPM platform you use, we will be happy to help you capture the current state of business processes, analyze the whole picture and, in accordance with best practices, give a proposal for optimal improvements and possible next steps to advance your business operations.

Any initiative to improve process management, automation, or optimization has an adequate solution. Following the specific needs of your business, our experts will design and develop exactly what you need at a given time.

In order to get what you need (no more and no less) and achieve maximum savings, we will be happy to help you choose the optimal configuration with which you will most effectively start the implementation of the process automation project in your organization.

Need help with an existing project or one that has just started? No problem, our experts are at your service, whether it is one-time assistance, continuous cooperation, or education of your team.

For your processes that involve working with documents to be end-to-end digitized, electronic signature solutions are a necessity. By signing directly from the process itself, you drastically reduce the time required to sign documents, while fully preserving the visibility and audit trail for all steps in signing.

Switching from one BPM platform to another can be challenging, but with the right set of knowledge and experience, it takes place without disrupting business processes. Thinking of a Nintex Process Platform? We will be happy to demonstrate to you why this is a good idea, what benefits you acquire, and make the migration as painless as possible.