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We have developed over 200 low-code applications spanning various business areas from HR and procurement to sales, marketing, financial, and legal. We have over 250 IT experts on board. Thanks to our network of partners, we can rapidly scale up development teams. We are the largest premier partner of the Nintex K2 low-code platform in the CEE region, offering a comprehensive range of services, including licenses, environment auditing, app development, and maintenance. Additionally, we proudly hold the status of a Gold Solutions Partner with Microsoft. Our projects are conducted based on Agile methodology. We work with clients under a range of models, including Time and Materials (T&M), Quoted Time and Materials (QT&M), and a standard fixed-price contract.

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  ul. Domaniewska 44a
     Warsaw, 02-672 Poland

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ul. Domaniewska 44a
Warsaw, 02-672 Poland
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We navigate companies through their digital transformation journey. Low-code solutions, digital process automation (DPA), and robotic process automation (RPA)—all of these are necessary steps towards automation and hyperautomation.

We build software development teams covering all skills and project roles. We can help you augment your IT staff to meet the growing demands of your business or build a dedicated team for a complex project. Either way, we are always eager to help.

The main problem organisations face today is not how to collect data, but how to make them useful, understandable and insightful for all stakeholders. The ultimate goal of data collection and analysis is the ability to take informed decisions in a timely manner. At Fabrity, analyzing big sets of data is our daily bread. Our data scientists and machine learning engineers will help you get actionable insights from your data to stay ahead of a curve.

Managed services are about handling day-to-day operations of your software, platforms and IT infrastructure by a dedicated IT company, so-called managed services provider (MSP). The cooperation with MSP offers several benefits.

As e-commerce is emerging as a significant catalyst for growth, both B2B and B2C enterprises require a strong e-commerce plan. We are here to help you in setting up your digital sales platforms, providing a complete array of solutions encompassing business assessment, all analysis and design aspects, development, quality assurance, and ongoing maintenance.

A personalized user experience, an omnichannel approach, mobile-first design, fast website performance—all this creates the backbone for a successful online strategy. We are eager to help you build a strategy offering our expertise in designing and building custom web portals and self-service platforms, as well as implementing content management systems and digital experience solutions.

We understand that the development of digital solutions and services demands extensive research, thorough analysis, and prototyping to uncover the optimal solution that will yield the most favorable business outcomes. Therefore, we offer comprehensive services including research and discovery, UX and UI design, as well as digital product design.

Microsoft Azure cloud services offer a range of integrated products and technologies, related to infrastructure, platforms or tools that together have a remarkable advantage in building complex IT solutions. Microsoft Azure cloud services are well positioned for building IT solutions effectively, with the focus on meeting functional and non-functional requirements and limited impact on existing infrastructure.

We design and build blockchain business applications based on Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source enterprise-grade distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform that allows companies to build private blockchain networks, central and private channels, as well as private (encrypted) data storage.