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SBA was established in 2015 to support an organizations to apply the best business automation and digital transformation practice , SBA execute more than 15 nintext projects on top of k2 workflow and built more than 200 processes for more than 10 elite customer in middle east We offer a powerful palette of technology solutions to our customers seeking to accelerate digital transformation. Our experience in low-code / no-code application development platforms like Nintex, K2 helps us shift businesses to digital.

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  Olaya St. Babtain buildingOffice 14
     Riyadh, 11417 Saudi Arabia

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Olaya St. Babtain buildingOffice 14
Riyadh, 11417 Saudi Arabia
Phone: 00966535312093




SBA has capabilities to use K2 in different of business fieldز K2 enables a new reality where solutions are imagined and built for those that need them, and then reimagined and recreated as the business needs change. K2 is inherently designed for a new world and culture of work - one that is distributed, empowered and collaborative. K2 streamlines processes - contract management, procurement, customer onboarding or any process used in business today. Using K2, we link people and processes by architecting, designing, building and delivering K2 business applications for our customers.







Saudi Aramco and Total refilling Company




Saudi telecom Company




SBA Built project monitoring system for FTTH/WBB on top of k2




Civil Defense Saudi Arabia , We build more than 20 E-services on top of k2 workflow




SBA Build more than 5 systems on top of k2 workflow , each system including more than 5 processes




Tatweer Transportation Company part of education ministry , we built some of systems using k2 workflow




Ministry of Defense




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