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Cyntexa is a Nintex Premier Partner that offers a full suite of Nintex services, such as implementation, integration, and many others. Our industry-leading mapping and automation services, such as consulting based on roles, services in a package, and managed services, help businesses at every stage of their digital transformation journeys. Our team of Nintex experts has provided automation and process intelligence to help various industries achieve better results faster using automation and process intelligence, such as banking, finance, event management, government, and many more. Grab our expert services and transform your digital journey today.

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584 Castro Street #2120
San Francisco, 94114 United States
Phone: +1 628-262-4010




We are a Nintex Consulting Service provider that offers an extensive spectrum of consulting services such as Docgen Consulting, package implementation, process automation, workflow cloud, and AppExchange applications installation, setup, and customization.

It is a no-code solution that automates the document creation and delivery process from data stored in the Salesforce org. With this easy-to-use solution, we help you create compliant and consistent documents while reducing the human error associated with manual document creation.

At Cyntexa, our team of Nintex professionals will help you develop and implement Workflow Cloud in your Salesforce org. Nintex Workflow Cloud is a cloud-based platform where you can design workflows to automate simple to complex processes using simple drag-and-drop interactions.

It is an electronic signature software that accelerates the process of securing signatures so everyone can eSign from anywhere at any time

A SharePoint tool from Microsoft that you can use to collect and validate user input into SharePoint lists and Nintex workflows.

Using our RPA services, we will help you to reduce your team's workload by automating a large number of iterative steps in a process. Software robots or "bots" emulate the actions of human workers to perform routine tasks within an application through a user interface.

At Cyntexa, our Nintex professional services will help your team in managing and understanding workflows. It is a business process mapping software through which your business can easily map, share, review, and update its processes enterprise-wide.

Our Nintex Analytics services can be used to track and measure workflow status, the number of billables and non-billing workflows, engagement, and business impact.

With Nintex Workflow for Office 365, you can automatically generate documents, design and create repeatable processes, delegate workflow tasks directly to users, deliver workflow notifications via email, instant messenger, SMS, and annotate and print process diagrams.

Our team of Nintex professionals will offer you Workflow for Sharepoint services for creating and scheduling repeatable processes, delegating workflow tasks to users, and many more.

Nintex Mobile lets the team receive notifications from their mobile apps, fill out and submit forms, review and approve documents, and run their business processes from anywhere, on any device

We have a team of Nintex professionals at Cyntexa that will help you to achieve maximum results, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs.